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Capture Energy Savings with the Updated Department of Energy Commercial Refrigeration Standards

August 16, 2017 Sarah Speck

Have you heard the saying “change is the only constant?” That rings true on many fronts – even in the energy efficiency industry. With continuous improvements being made and new inventions coming along, it can be challenging to keep up. One of the latest changes seen is to the new energy efficiency standards for commercial refrigeration equipment, issued by the Department of Energy earlier this year.  What are these new standards, and how do they affect utility programs?

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The energy efficiency industry thrives on change; without it, there would be no growth. Higher standards for commercial refrigeration will require adaptations to incentives, which is definitely a change. Without adaptations, we risk losing incentive opportunities and diverse portfolios of energy efficiency opportunities for customers. Staying on top of these trends and responding rapidly to them places the emphasis on cutting-edge technology, which in turn spurs greater all-around energy efficiency.

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