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Darell Lauridsen

IT Manager
As IT Manager, Darell Lauridsen ensures that the streamlined operations of our IT group are in alignment with business objectives to support organizational goals. He directly supervises software developers, database administrators, and support personnel while overseeing all technical projects and implementation of new technical systems and infrastructure. With extensive experience in software applications, he has been a developer, programmer and operations engineer in previous positions, working for IT giants such as Microsoft. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Recent Posts

Gamification: The new culture of program engagement

The term “engagement” seems to have landed itself onto this decade’s list of popular buzzwords. Whether it is in business or in our daily lives, the term is used (and used often) to describe how we interact with a brand, product or concept.

At its core, the term is used to describe the model of how information is passed back and forth between a provider and a consumer, as opposed to information being projected at a consumer with zero reciprocation. Engagement has become the goal, rather than simply the model of communication, and is currently the key to any business’s success. Businesses want consumers to interact with their products, provide feedback and ultimately feel like investors in the product they are buying, using, or consuming.


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