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Our Capabilities are Growing with a New Addition to the Franklin Energy Family: Planet Ecosystems

If you try something once and don’t like it, the odds are that you won’t bother trying it again. This is how customers see their interactions with businesses; if they aren’t outstanding, why bother going back? It has generated a much more customer-centric mindset among businesses all over the globe as everyone vies for consumers’ attention and ultimately their loyalty.

See how Franklin Energy has evolved, serving our clients and their customers every step of the way. 

Excellent customer service has been a recognized way to build customer loyalty, but it doesn’t look the same as it did in the past. Models have evolved from providing a seamless way for customers to receive service to going above and beyond as they “wow” the customer. New trends have taken this service a step further, offering highly personalized interactions backed by a customer relationship management system filled with details of past customer transactions.

In the past, regulated companies (like utilities) have not typically focused on this, as their customers have already been captive. However, in recent years, utilities have begun to understand the benefits of meeting customers where they are, identifying their needs, and discovering how value can be delivered. Take distributed generation for example: it happens where customers want it, when they want it and how they prefer it done. 

This is why we are taking customer engagement a step further at Franklin Energy with the acquisition of PlanetEcosystems, a San Francisco-based company responsible for the development of an award-winning customer engagement platform. Investing in this technology and software development firm provides more value than ever before to utility clients, serving their unique needs through personalized customer journeys, enhanced customer engagement capabilities and enhanced marketplace functionality for our online stores.

To learn more about this acquisition and how it will improve our customer engagement, read our latest press release.


Kevin McDonough
Written by Kevin McDonough

Calling Kevin McDonough a driving force behind our evolution to grid optimization and Franklin Energy’s digital marketing transformation would be a massive understatement. He leads a team that helps hundreds of thousands of end-use customers save energy each year by leveraging his expertise in energy efficiency and demand response program design, while keeping an eye firmly on the future. All his endeavors are united by the common objective of helping clients reach their goals and helping preserve our world’s precious resources. In addition to his extensive executive experience within the industry, Kevin holds an MBA in operations from Boston College, is certified in Six Sigma quality program implementation and technology deployment and speaks three languages fluently.


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