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What You Missed At Our C&I Summit

Our C&I Summit has drawn to a close, but it certainly left a lasting impression on those who attended. From the contacts made to national-level networking and expert tips shared from all corners of the industry, the C&I Summit was an excellent experience for all who joined. Weren’t able to make it? Here are some of the highlights.

We gathered speakers from across the industry to share their insights and pass along knowledge and viewpoints of the commercial and industrial market for today and the future. With speakers from organizations like ACEEE, ESource, GTI, and DoE, along with utilities like ComEd, Xcel Energy, DTE Energy and more, no stone was left unturned when it came to exploring all corners of the C&I market.

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With such a diverse group coming from all over the country, the networking opportunities were abundant. Attendees had a chance to meet with their peers and industry leaders, exchanging ideas and information.

And with a crowd like that, how could attendees not have a good time? Having fun is something we do well at Franklin Energy, and we wanted to share that with Summit attendees! Our reception (featuring our very own musical duo, FrEd) and dinner cruise were events to be topped.

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If you missed out on our C&I Summit, don’t worry. The presentations are available for you to dig into the information shared at the event.


Download the Presentations


Fred Dreher & Ed McGlynn
Written by Fred Dreher & Ed McGlynn

Fred Dreher, VP of Small and Mid-Sized Business Strategy

Fred Dreher knows how to make a big impact in small businesses. He draws upon his vast industry experience to identify ways to improve Franklin Energy’s approach to the small and mid-sized business sector. This includes developing new products that achieve more effective approaches to program implementation. In addition to his role at Franklin Energy, Fred is a former chair and a founding member of the advisory board for the development of UW-Platteville’s Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems (SRES) degree, a founder of Wisconsin’s SE2 Award (now USGBC Wisconsin’s Building Performance Award), and a former chair of the Association of Energy Services Professionals’ (AESP) Innovations in Tools and Technology Topic Committee. He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from UW-Platteville.

Ed McGlynn, VP of Large C&I Strategy

When describing Ed McGlynn’s duties, the list is not a short one. He develops new products and services for the commercial and industrial segment, offers consulting advice to electric and gas utilities and provides support to Franklin Energy’s regional operation teams, which implement demand side management programs across the country. His 30 years of experience with utilities and demand side management have allowed him to develop and apply vision, leadership and innovation. Ed serves on the board of directors for the New Buildings Institute (NBI) and is a former board member of the Association of Energy Service Professionals (AESP) and the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC). An electrical engineer, Ed also holds an MBA from Providence College and is a certified energy manager (CEM) and certified building commissioning professional.


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