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Common Area Lighting Solutions: One Big Happy Multifamily

Tenant satisfaction is largely the motivator for multifamily property owners to participate in our programs. Free energy-saving products keep tenants happy…happy tenants keep renting. And since participation is at no cost, it’s business benefits property owners can bank on – nothing to lose, plenty to gain.

Still, I’m pretty sure these property owners wouldn’t mind saving some energy and costs themselves too. Common area energy savings bring savings straight to the bottom line of their business. Common areas are typically illuminated 16 or more hours a day so it helps utilities reach goal even faster. But with limited time and budget, it can’t be complicated, or at a high-cost to the owners.

Common area lighting solutions hit all of the marks – truly being the solution. This package is an easy decision. If property owners are willing to take one step towards participation, that helps utilities get one step closer to goal.

But first, you have to get your foot in the complex door.

CALS packages require a pricing model and smart marketing approach. A co-pay is simple for everyone. The property owner can easily afford it. The contractor has transparency into pricing and services. The utility isn’t taking a large bite from its tight budget. Win-win-win.

The marketing plan is where it gets a little more complex. You first need to reach your audience. Then, you need to generate awareness and interest – usually using the free direct installation draw. After that, you have to keep the conversation going without overwhelming.

We talk about building and implementing a successful CALS component into your multifamily program in our whitepaper: Achieving Common Area Lighting Savings in Multifamily Housing. Check out the paper’s studies and strategy.

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Brody Vance
Written by Brody Vance

Multifamily Product Manager
When it comes to multifamily subject matter, Brody Vance is a leading authority. He guides the program design and strategy for all of Franklin Energy’s new and existing multifamily programs, utilizing his extensive experience as a multifamily implementation manager. Brody has proven his direct impact on program goals in both energy savings and customer satisfaction while sharing his expertise as a regular speaker at industry events. He has a bachelor’s degree in ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and is a certified energy manager (CEM), a certified BPI building analyst, a certified building operator certification instructor, and a past subject matter expert for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).


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