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Creative Capabilities Series: How to Find “the One” for Your Program Marketing (Part 2)

In part one of the series, we discussed the pros and cons of in-house creative teams vs. outside agencies for your program’s marketing. This time we’ll dive into the second discussion point: how your implementer’s development process can influence creative quality.

Question #2: Who does what? What is their internal development process?

On the surface, this may seem like a benign question. All the same, seeing how the sausage is made can sometimes reveal more than the base answer you’re seeking. Understanding your marketing team’s inner workings can give you a glimpse into your experience as a client – who you will work with every day, who they work with every day, the steps within the development process, the quality of the work, the level of involvement (or hand-holding) you’ll need to commit to. And in an all-hands-on-deck situation – how many smart, creative brains you’ll have access to.

After taking a look at the org chart, make sure you understand each person’s role, responsibilities, experience and strengths. Get specific. Are they an event coordination expert with a background in sales? Do they have an in-depth understanding of the multifamily sector on the east coast? The key is to pair the team’s strengths with your own.

Once you have that down, get granular. Like, “Pretend I’m a program brochure. How did I come to be?” granular. This will reveal if their development process is structured or free-flowing. Who initiates each project? Is it the same person that will eventually design and write it too? Who reviews it for technical accuracy, brand adherence, and strategic value – before it gets to your inbox? Or better yet, will it be presented to you, instead of just emailed?

In its own way, each of these questions will reveal the implementer’s proficiency, flexibility and focus on quality assurance when it comes to creative delivery. The path that’s taken often determines the finish line. (tweet it)

Franklin Energy Approach: Relay of Experts

At Franklin Energy, our process-focused, creativity-delivering structure is steeped in client satisfaction and expertise. Your marketing contact will be dedicated to the daily ins-and-outs of your brand and programs – but they won’t be the only Franklin marketer on your program. Subject matter experts and product managers will be at their side, passing along 20+ years of best practices across sector and marketing niches to your programs.

Next it’s time to make the strategic brilliance come to life. This is where Franklin Energy’s award-winning creative team comes in. Structured like a boutique agency, each campaign is assigned to a writer, designer and production specialist who do more than just crank out the typical sell sheet. Instead, we bring efficiency to life with agency-level concepts that not only drive program participation, but customer satisfaction as well.

Stay tuned for the third and final post, where we’ll discuss how the structure of brand proficiency and the freedom of creativity go hand-in-hand. 

Lori Szolwinski
Written by Lori Szolwinski

Senior Copywriter
Lori Szolwinski proves daily that her creative depths have no limit. She has a knack for writing words that jump off the page, drawing in readers and expertly conveying their message. Lori leverages her advertising agency background to ensure quality, while producing copy through the lens of a demand side management expert. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication design and advertising from the College for Creative Studies.


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