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Online and On Your Customer's Terms

The course of most customer journeys starts online, whether it’s researching spring plaid fashions on your laptop or hopping on your phone to order a latte at your neighborhood coffee shop. The point is, it’s about time optimization and ease of use. Everyone has places to go, people to see and things to do and somehow, we need to fit energy efficiency effortlessly into busy lives.

You may be thinking, “hey, we’re online, we’re covered.” Being mobile doesn’t promise a smooth experience, nor are all consumers tethered to desktop. Tools like home energy assessments require design, from how you attract customers (digital ads and landing pages) and how they opt in to each check point, or even how they enter each home feature en route to the end goal of seamlessly providing information and energy savings.

It takes the right solution to enhance the customer experience and expedite their journey from a hike with bumps and trip-ups to a short jaunt that keeps them merrily on their way.

Interested in customer engagement through online tools, like Home Energy Surveys? Check out our whitepaper. We go in-depth on the demand, challenges and tactics to meet customers online, while also making it easy.


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Greg Nettleton, BPI
Written by Greg Nettleton, BPI

Residential Product Manager
Customer experience is key, and Greg Nettleton knows how to deliver it every time. From strategy to program design to budget, he keeps the customer in mind every step of the way. In his role, Greg drives best practices to reach results for clients and deliver value to their customers. With decades of experience, he has overseen implementation of efficiency program delivery and worked extensively in the residential energy sector. Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Grinnell College, is certified as a BPI building analyst/envelope professional, a verifier for ENERGY STAR® for homes, and is a HERS certified home energy rater.


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