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Pain Free Customer Assessments with Efficiency Clipboard

In an ever-changing world that demands more, better and quicker solutions daily, it’s essential to have the right equipment. You need a technology solution that supports customers’ expectations, as much as program needs. An effective energy assessment tool should have capacity and flexibility to adapt to the fluidity of the marketplace by design. No add-ons. No missing links.

Energy assessment and reporting tools, like Efficiency Clipboard, seamlessly guide clients and customers through the energy efficiency journey. (Tweet it!) As a part of Franklin Energy’s Efficiency@Work software suite, Efficiency Clipboard allows auditors to electronically assess energy usage at a customer location. Its many customizable features can facilitate more production and more satisfaction mutually for auditors and customers. Simply stated, Efficiency Clipboard takes the pain out of doing more. 

Request a demo of Efficiency@Work and see how the expert suite of technologies easily adapts to your programs and applications.

With Efficiency Clipboard the energy efficiency assessment process can be tailored to meet unique customer interactions with both quantity and quality in mind. Appropriately named, this reporting tool streamlines the assessment process by allowing the auditors to report inventory of energy consuming equipment, recommend incentive saving measures, record energy and cost savings for upgrades, provide annual energy usage data, and summarize next steps to becoming energy efficient.  All of these functionality possibilities can be adapted for ease of use with various program requirements, and work hand in hand with database tracking and reporting, as well as appointment scheduling software.

Let’s not forget customer satisfaction is king for utility clients. Teeing up a product to provide interactive and a long lasting impression on the customer goes a long way. Providing the customer with a canned report does not engage the customer or move the JD Power needle toward greater satisfaction. Efficiency Clipboard gets customers acquainted with their building by enabling them to accompany the auditor during the assessment. Efficiency Clipboard encourages customers to take ownership of their energy efficiency potential, so they can be invested in energy efficiency decision making. 

Clipboard has benefits for customers, clients, and auditors, with its ability to:

  1. Pre-populate customer energy usage history and account profile details into the assessment report.
  2. Instantly assist with energy management by generating an onsite assessment report immediately after the assessment.
  3. Display customized program incentives specific to each customer’s business processes and building equipment.
  4. Drive customer satisfaction with two-way face-to-face interactivity in the comfort of their own business location.
  5. Quantify immediate savings from products directly installed during the assessment and/or resulting from potential future upgrades.
  6. Track precise customer equipment inventory for pipeline lead potential to consider with future utility offerings.

When it comes to the customer journey, why not take the easy road. Efficiency Clipboard navigates energy efficiency assessment and reporting continuously and seamlessly. 


Miranda Smith
Written by Miranda Smith

Program Manager
The pace of Miranda Smith’s workday is anything but average, and it’s easy to understand why. She supervises projects and drives goals with the support of her team while also maintaining valuable trade ally partnerships. Miranda manages planning and development, assessments, hiring and training staff, testing and quality assurance, implementation and new technologies, and more, and she does it seamlessly. Miranda holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and technology.


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