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Efficiency Clipboard Recycles Your Note Pads for Good

The legal pad. It’s a beautiful thing. Tucked inside my faux-leather padfolio, I can thumb through a mishmash of meeting notes, data collection, light bulb ideas and occasional doodles from work days gone by.

Over the past 13 years at Franklin Energy, I’ve penned my way through countless legal pads. Filled front and back with jotted-down concepts and calculations. I often find myself leafing back through page after page of notes to find that one brainchild, that one day, how many months ago.

Today, thanks to the convenience of technology, I’ve managed to scratch that handheld legal pad and organize my thoughts via OneNote. (Not to say, there still aren’t dusty primitive notepads piled inside my desk drawer.)

In the same vein, Franklin Energy’s data collection tool, Efficiency Clipboard, delivers quick accessibility beyond safe keeping. Much like the tried and true clipboard, Efficiency Clipboard captures information for later use. But taking it multiple steps further, Efficiency Clipboard integrates directly with Efficiency Manager to pull down appointments, locations, accounts and contact data on the spot, as well as push back updated contact information, direct install summaries, recommended measures, and reports delivered. The tool allows essential program data to be analyzed in an instant, from the field to the office.

Efficiency Clipboard started as a small business audit tool. Its capabilities are now applied and expanded to multifamily and residential programs.

Okay, we all know technology automates and simplifies things for the user.  “Why Efficiency Clipboard?” you may ask. “Why is it better? What else can it do?”

  1. Efficiencies – Energy Efficiency program delivery is competitive. Everything comes down to delivering results cost effectively. So by reducing the amount of trips to a customer’s site, eliminating data entry and streamlining pipelines, we provide our clients with the best service and price.
  2. Data Security – The yellow pad isn’t good enough anymore. Our clients demand better control of customer information. Efficiency Clipboard delivers the desired level of security for data in transit and at rest, putting everyone’s mind at ease.
  3. Data Integrity – Similar to the grade school telephone game, details can be lost in translation from the site visit to interpreting/entering the notes back at the office. By having a single step for data entry while you’re in the field, we improve program accuracy and quality.
  4. Instant Data Access – Years ago when I first started, Franklin Energy would collect data on two-part forms. One part would go to the customer noting any recommendations; the second would be filed away in a cabinet. Then as it goes: cabinets fill up, files get shifted, and after the allotted time, they would be destroyed to make room for the next batch. Answering specific, yet critical, questions like “How many T12’s are still in grocery stores?” or “What % of multifamily buildings have attic insulation < R30?” took lots of tracking down. Efficiency Clipboard makes life a little more pain free. All archived data from the tool is easily searchable and reliable, so we can provide valuable intel for the markets we support.

As you can tell, I’m truly excited by this project. The solution does it all: harnesses industry experience into a common source, standardizes services, speeds up training for new hires, provides same visit reporting, while seamlessly tying technology sets together. 

Truth be told, I get nostalgic for my neglected padfolio. But, it doesn’t measure up to my excitement for Efficiency Clipboard.


Eric Wall
Written by Eric Wall

Technology Product Manager
Eric Wall possesses a unique balance of visionary thinking and pragmatic rationalism. This nature has made him the go-to technical guru for both his team and clients. He supports utility programs’ goals and upholds customer satisfaction by building and managing critical technologies and strategies. He is always searching for more efficient ways to streamline processes and alleviate end-user pain points. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has earned certifications in energy management, demand side management and engineering.


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