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Enhancing Customer Experience

Franklin Energy is rolling into 2015 with significant momentum. Throughout the years, we’ve upheld our reputation for meeting utility program goals and delivering a high quality experience for our clients. However, as the industry has evolved, we recognize that the experiences and interactions of our utility clients’ customers are as important as achieving program results. In fact, a recent annual survey has shown that the United States is at a 20-year low in customer service.

With that, we will be launching a robust online solution — Efficiency Navigator — to enhance the end-user customers’ experience and make it easier for them to find the services, rebates and contractors for their needs. Keep a lookout for an in-depth technology spotlight on our latest portfolio rollout, launching early next year.

Technology is a huge contributor to the customer experience, as well as our frontline employees’ care for each and every customer. Our experience in energy efficiency paired with this simple, yet service-complete customer portal will not only raise program awareness, but also the customers’ experience with the utility. As always, our services and solutions are designed to represent the utility’s brand to the fullest.

Again, stay tuned in 2015 for more details on Efficiency Navigator and how we are continuing to enhance the customer experience. Efficiency Navigator is just another demonstration of our team’s expertise and dedication to customer service.

Kevin McDonough
Written by Kevin McDonough

Calling Kevin McDonough a driving force behind our evolution to grid optimization and Franklin Energy’s digital marketing transformation would be a massive understatement. He leads a team that helps hundreds of thousands of end-use customers save energy each year by leveraging his expertise in energy efficiency and demand response program design, while keeping an eye firmly on the future. All his endeavors are united by the common objective of helping clients reach their goals and helping preserve our world’s precious resources. In addition to his extensive executive experience within the industry, Kevin holds an MBA in operations from Boston College, is certified in Six Sigma quality program implementation and technology deployment and speaks three languages fluently.


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