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Four Reasons the Franklin Energy customer care Center is Breaking the Mold

The energy efficiency industry is rapidly evolving, driven primarily by advances in technology, expanding communication channels and changing customer demographics. Innovative technologies such as the Efficiency@Work suite are also changing program delivery and customers are connecting with programs in new ways. Customers have the freedom to connect how they choose and are most comfortable, whether it’s phone, text, email and web. Our customer care center functions around that very idea.

We break the cookie-cutter ‘Call Center’ mold by considering the end users’ ranging communication preferences and the needs of every market across the nation, on top of overall customer satisfaction. Our customer care center model is established based off four differentiators that set our support apart – making us an expert customer care center, not a dime-a-dozen Call Center.

1. Local Service On a National Scale

Take a moment to imagine a Call Center. Are you picturing a large room crammed with removed reps who answer call after call? The other end of the conversation is a confused customer hundreds of miles away… The thought alone is chaotic and frustrating.

Franklin Energy takes a different approach. We pair local service with national support. The investments that we’ve made in our customer care center software frees us of large, centralized operations. We operate via smaller customer care centers that are integrated into each program location. This allows staff to tap into Franklin Energy experts across the room, and across the country, while providing redundancy to ensure business as usual. It also means that our client’s customers have the comfort of speaking with local people who share their same experiences.

2. Quality Assurance

When clients trust you to work with their customers, excellent support with every interaction is a meaningful promise. Historically, Call Center managers have relied on weekly or monthly reporting to ensure compliance with client service expectations. Fortunately, the technology we utilize provides real-time system-wide coaching and performance evaluation. Real-time reporting allows managers to take immediate actions to ensure that client KPIs are met, regardless of their customer care center location.

Our clients are welcome to log into the system and monitor performance for themselves. Franklin Energy supervisors sample, evaluate and use recorded calls for coaching and continuous improvement. This transparency provides peace-of-mind for our clients and allows Franklin Energy to consistently deliver excellent support at every customer care center location.

3. Expert Staff

Building Performance Institute (BPI) is among the most recognized professional accreditations in our industry. Our customer care center team is attaining this certification, because we recognize the value of providing expert support to our clients’ customers. Customers expect us to solve their problem and provide them with the information that they need with a single contact. The high-level of energy efficiency training that our team receives ensures that they are able to answer nearly any question that homeowners have and puts Franklin Energy a step ahead when delivering residential efficiency programs.

4. Beyond the Call

Call centers are a thing of the past. Changes in customer demographics and the explosion of mobile and social communications require technology that goes beyond telecommunication and allows customers to be approached on their terms, using communication channels that meet their preference. Our recent investments allow us to interact with customers via phone, text, email or web chat in a single system, ensuring that each interaction is documented, and more importantly, that each customer is provided a high-quality experience. While the bulk of our customer interactions still occur via phone, our goal is to be prepared to exceed the expectations of our clients now and into the future.

The Total Experience

The customer care center investment and resulting benefits improve our ability to support existing clients and position Franklin Energy to provide additional value to our clients and potential clients. We’re improving program delivery while increasing client and customer satisfaction, and we’re positioning our customer care center to be the leader in utility customer engagement now and into the future.

Do you have questions about how the customer care center can be game-changer for your program? Email inquiries@franklinenergy.com with questions.

Carla Foster
Written by Carla Foster

Customer Care Center Manager
If every adjective to describe an ideal contact center manager were written in one long list, it would be an apt description of Carla Foster. With over a decade of experience, Carla and her team maintain customer relationships, training and development, revenue generation, quality assurance, and our contact center's interactive voice response platform. In short, she ensures all systems, processes and staff are in place and above par when our clients’ customers contact us to enroll in a program, whether via phone or online. Carla holds a bachelor’s degree in business and health administration from the University of Minnesota in Duluth.


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