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A Guide to Customer Personas

It’s not always easy to reach people. In the past, customers would tune their radio dials to the most popular programs and be guaranteed to hear a short audio advertisement. Or they would unfailingly page through their newspapers, noticing the attention-grabbing deals at the bottoms of the pages. They would even take the time to open the mail the postal worker would deliver, holding colorful coupons in their hands. However, over time, media has become much more personalized. Now, people can download their own music or podcasts rather than tune in to the radio. They decide which news they want to see, and they get it sent right to their phones. We can’t reach consumers like we have in the past, because they are now the ones in control of their own media consumption. It’s no longer about putting a message out and hoping people will connect with it; now, messages need to be personalized and tailored to consumers. Rather than being left in the dust, we need to adjust with the times.

With everyone simultaneously trying to capture the attention of harder-to-reach consumers, the market has become vastly oversaturated. Connecting with consumers has become more challenging, which has created a huge emphasis on social media, paid search, and other digital mediums. While meeting consumers online is definitely a huge part of reaching them, it’s only half of the whole equation. So you’re able to get their attention – now what? In order to keep their interest and form a relationship, you need to be able to speak in a way that makes customers want to listen. Creating customer personas is a helpful way to approach this issue.

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Creating customer personas within your target market can help identify and connect with customers. They are built by conducting research to determine customer preferences, challenges, and motivations. This goes beyond looking at their buying habits, but rather includes their home life, their income level, their biggest challenges, greatest concerns, and more. Building this profile allows you to develop a well-rounded idea of the customer’s life in all aspects, helping to understand what makes them tick. By understanding the customer on a more personal level, you can reach them with relevant information and personalize the message to solve their unique problems. This ensures the messaging stands above all the generic white noise and spurs the customer to take action.

persona rebrand Creating customer personas allows you to truly understand your customers and relate to them in a whole new way. Instead of talking at them, you begin a meaningful conversation with them. This allows a relationship to form, and it will continue to grow as long as you nurture it properly. Download the graphic to help you begin creating customer personas!

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Megan Nyquist
Written by Megan Nyquist

Digital Marketing Strategist
Marketing is always evolving, but Megan Nyquist knows how to stay one step ahead. As an expert in both digital marketing strategy and digital campaign development, she works closely with clients and program marketing staff to develop innovative digital marketing campaigns that improve results and reduce costs. Megan also leads digital marketing training for the Franklin Energy marketing team and our clients. She has achieved trackable customer engagement in our own corporate marketing and effected impressive improvements in satisfaction and participation on behalf of our utility clients. Megan holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Marquette University, extensive digital marketing certifications and has won multiple digital marketing awards on behalf of Franklin Energy and our clients.


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