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Our Expertise Runs Deep. Our Services Close Gaps.

Whether you order at a bistro or purchase a big ticket item, you want options. The freedom to choose what you want exactly how you want it. Your taste is particular and precise. Extra foam, hold the whipped cream. Those designer frames must have polarized lenses, anti-reflective coating and a two-year warranty.  

More times than not, you have this freedom, from every fast food chain to your favorite sit down restaurant, from your town’s main street boutique to the mega car dealership. You’ll scour the store shelves for the exact brand and style you desire. Heck, you can select down to the color. But above all, with all these choices, you don’t expect (and refuse) to skimp on quality just because you’re customizing or opting not to go with the whole kit and caboodle.

Why work with an implementer that forces their full program package when a single service or technology is all you need to fill your program gap? At Franklin, we understand this. While we deliver comprehensive implementation to drive program success, our number one priority is providing clients with exactly what they need for their unique market and delivery model.

Our niche specialties deliver expertise that is fit to all clients’ delivery model. A buffet of options that won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. Our resources are stacked for end-to-end program fulfillment and our teams’ experience and knowledge doesn’t just skim the coverage surface.

Program Marketing at Your Service
When Great River Energy asked us to work with its marketing team to design two program guides we said ‘no problem.’ From copywriting to graphic design to print production, Franklin Energy staffs agency-level professionals as part of our in-house boutique (with the difference of truly understanding the energy efficiency landscape and its ranging markets).

But we take this differentiator one step further outside the implementation box – we also offer standalone marketing services for energy services. Ad-hoc that’s hands-on. We support clients through visionary, effective creative, acting as an extension to their marketing team.

We sit down with our clients to assess their marketing goals. Who are they trying to reach? What deliverables suit their demographics and desired results? Do you only want a beautifully designed incentive catalog each year? Do you want a full marketing plan with customer care center backed support? Do you want to be involved in every decision or do you only want to lift a finger to click yes to a meeting invite? Whatever you want, we can serve it up, exactly to your standards, so you’re completely satisfied and not paying for extras that can be tossed aside.

Fill in your program gaps. Looking for energy efficiency, demand response or other distributed energy resources support for simply engineering services, digital marketing or complete portfolio implementation? Look no further. Contact us to discuss your specific wants and our specialized options.

Alicia Renner
Written by Alicia Renner

Residential Product Marketing Manager
Alicia Renner has proven her marketing expertise in the industry many times over. She ensures large-scale program participation in residential portfolios and programs through well-crafted, integrated marketing campaigns encompassing both digital and traditional tactics. Alicia is an energetic self-starter, well-versed in marketing, communications, and brand management. Alicia holds a master’s degree in marketing and general administration from Central Michigan University.


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