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The Secret Sauce is Our Specialty Services

What’s in the secret sauce? What’s your recipe to success? Simply, what sets you apart and keeps your business afloat?

The energy efficiency arena is a competitive one – faced with different market challenges and aggressive goals. Resource Action Programs® (RAP) shares the space with leading implementers, like our expert partner, Franklin Energy. Still, we exist and thrive in our own aisle.

It’s our specialized experience that makes us a valuable partner (ultimately complementing and completing Franklin Energy’s service portfolio) and provider. For over two decades, we’ve delivered the industry’s most cost-effective, Measure-Based Education® energy efficiency programs for Direct-to-Customer, K-12 Education and Small/Medium Businesses.

We understand community outreach and kit design. We’ve pinpointed what works for households and what works for K-12 education systems. We know how to inspire behavior changes that will spark results. We’ve made a name for ourselves amidst competition, because we only do what we know and do best.

We continue to reach and exceed energy savings goals for hundreds of utilities across the country. RAP has the facilities, experience, methodologies, personnel and controls in place to provide successful programs that achieve goals and objectives.

Get a taste of what makes our specialty in the industry, special. Discover just what goes into our services and program kits. We:

  • Provide verified electric, natural gas and water savings. Our team works closely with the utility and its administrative contractor to design the mix of measures that will meet or exceed program goals. Our materials prompt utility customers to take action and adopt behavior change practices.
  • Enlist subject matter experts. We employ a qualified, cross-functional team. Our professionals truly address the challenges that utilities face and develop best practices that are realistic for utility customers to embrace and maintain.
  • Win awards for our work. In 2013, RAP was the only Conservation Services Provider (CSP) honored by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) for saving both energy and water. In 2014, our client, Lincoln Electric System, earned an Energy Innovator Award from the American Public Power Association (APPA) for the Energy Detective Program we designed and implemented. The following year, PPL Electric Utilities won a corporate excellence award from the National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition (NEUAC) for its E-PowerWise Program, a Direct-to-Customer program focused on low-income populations.
  • Deliver a complete program. We deliver a turnkey program. Because all services are performed under one roof from our Nevada program center, we can handle all aspects of a successful program. From program design, to outreach, implementation and reporting, we cover it all.
  • Reach untapped audiences. RAP specializes in reaching urban, rural and hard-to-reach communities and demographics. We carefully segment and target audiences by outlining underserved areas and focusing our efforts on proven methods for these customers.
  • Modify based on We work closely with third party EM&V contractors and our clients to evaluate the kit configuration for cost-effectiveness and market adoption, making any changes where necessary. Every evaluation is taken into account. We form action plans and modify measure mixes based on customer survey responses.
  • Produce custom programs. We can create programs that are fully customized and aligned to our clients’ brands and needs. We create materials, measure mixes and program websites on a program-by-program basis. We design kits and program materials intended to capture the most savings and highest installation rates based on the market’s overall customer behavior.

Discover how RAP inspires changes.

Larry Weight
Written by Larry Weight

President, Resource Action Programs
Results take foresight, and Larry Weight knows how to provide results. Since joining Resource Action Programs (RAP) in 2011, he has anticipated industry change and adapted to best serve the company’s ranging utility and municipality clients across the nation. He oversees all of RAP’s experienced teams, from business development and product design to purchasing, marketing and operations. Larry holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from California State University-Sacramento.


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