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To You, Our Clients

Can you believe it? Another calendar year draws to a close. In the spirit of the holiday season and start of a new year, I’d like to take a moment to wish all of our clients – long standing and of late – warm wishes and a special thanks for putting your programs in our hands. Indeed, this time of year is an occasion to reflect back on past triumphs and look ahead to new opportunities.

These two sentiments come down to you, our clients. Over the course of 2015, our expertise was put to the test. Together, we saw new challenges and partnered to conquer. But without a doubt our ability to ‘rise to the solution’ was made possible by the major efforts of the utility companies we serve across the country. Your dedication to your customers and drive to stretch energy usage throughout your communities motivate us that much more.

We have several new utility faces to welcome and some additional programs to satisfy for existing clients. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves. Expectations are high as we trek ahead, but we have our experience and our lessons learned behind us – backing our momentum and assurance.  

As we turn the page into 2016, here’s what you can expect from Franklin Energy, as your provider and partner.

Expertise on par with your programs – Over twenty years of business. With specialists from coast to coast dedicated to each client market. Through ‘been there, done that’ seasoning our experience adds up to invaluable years of building, growing and solving for future needs.

We stake our claim as the industry experts because we can back it. We’ve stacked our programs over the years to fully serve our clients. We deliver trust because we deliver teams of experts who take care of your program needs completely within the communities of our utility clients. At Franklin Energy, being efficient isn’t cutting corners and being experts isn’t cutting resources. Our people support your programs, from planning to marketing to implementation and everywhere in between.   

Technology on par with our expertise – Yes, our technology solutions easily adapt to your program needs and applications. But there are two critical reasons for that. For starters, ALL of our solutions are engineered and continuously tested and improved by Franklin Energy’s very own professionals – who work and breathe software design and energy efficiency program processes every day.

What else? We designed our suite to be flexible. There’s no way you’re getting a one size fits all for your programs. From the field to the suite’s main hub, each customizable tool seamlessly syncs and analyzes your program data to deliver real-time insights and smarter customer capabilities. So whether you’re looking to fill the gaps of a single program or incorporate the entire suite for your multiple programs, you get the freedom to select a solution within your parameters.

With that, thank you all for your business and cheers to a great year ahead! 

Dan Tarrence
Written by Dan Tarrence

Executive Vice President
Dan Tarrence was recognized in 2017 as Industry Leader of the Year by AESP for his contributions to the energy efficiency industry and leadership over the past 25+ years. He has directed Franklin Energy’s solution development, proposal process and pricing methodology for the past decade and currently manages strategic initiatives to advance our grid optimization services for utility clients across the country and into Canada. Dan is currently co-chair of the Policy Committee for the Midwest Energy Research Consortium and previously served for five years as chair of the Implementation Topic Committee for the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP). He lends his thought leadership at numerous industry events each year. Dan has a MBA from Arizona State University.


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