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Phone Consultations Don’t Have to Be a Nightmare

Contact centers are supposed to back your services. To support customers at an instant whether via text, calls or emails. This is the whole point - To be there. To answer questions. To help customers order a product or sign up for your program.

So why do they have such a nightmare reputation? Because, many were a nightmare to deal with in the past – a time suck that led to dead ends, a cold voice on the other end, or endless prompts. (Please hold, while we shake our heads.)  

Sometimes the Best Service is Self-Service

As product manager for technology solutions, I look down the road to find or develop key solutions and partnerships that will keep us on top of the game. I haven’t always been forward-looking when it came to technology however. Back when self-checkout registers were introduced in grocery stores, I was working as a manager for a chain office supply store. Part of my responsibilities included overseeing customer service and training staff to make our customers’ experience as enjoyable as possible – so I had a hard time seeing the value in asking customers to ring up and bag their own groceries.

Quality Still Means Something

Quality matters. Hold back your sighs and groans. Sure, it tops the business buzzword list with other gems like ‘best practice’ and ‘optimization.’ We’re rather accustomed to tuning out all of the unsupported claims and noise surrounding the term.  

Say it with a Smile

Even when you’re speaking over the phone, you can sense someone’s mood. You can tell if that person is happy, indifferent or upset. You can hear it in his/her tone of voice without seeing an expression.

TCPA Cracks Down On Customer Consent

Remember the age of landlines? Can you just see yourself, reclined in your La-Z-Boy? Mindlessly twirling the telephone cord with your pointer finger? Certainly, it evokes nostalgia of a simpler time. And that it was.


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