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Customer Journey Mapping Series: Key Things to Remember when Making and Using a Customer Journey Map

In this series, we’re breaking down everything you need to know to use customer journey maps in your utility. If you’re just checking in, start with the what, why, and how blog entries.

Fewer than half of marketers feel confident their organization understands their customer journey. This could be because the sheer number of customer engagement channels available now makes it far more difficult to establish how different points of contact are perceived. Achieving a single view of the customer may be particularly challenging for large multifunctional organizations like utilities compared to smaller companies, for similar reasons—their systems are perhaps just too large and complex to track effectively.

Customer Journey Mapping Series: The Marketing Technique 34% of Utilities Are Using to Improve Customer Experience

Utility customers, like consumers in every sector, are constantly bombarded with offers and information. Understandably, they won’t participate unless the messaging resonates, and their experience is smooth and easy. That’s why it’s vital that programs and marketing plans are carefully designed to be relevant and friction-free for the customer, with no hiccups or sticking points that could shut down engagement.

Engagement Beyond the Transaction

We live in an increasingly networked world where people connect in real time, share experiences, and transact with businesses.  For firms to engage in this new customer frontier, a personalized internet portal experience is needed to move beyond the transaction to a relationship that can deepen over time. It unifies a myriad of different possible activities, bringing them together under one “platform.”


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