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10 Proven Ways to Cut Energy Use in Apartments

The multifamily sector is an undeniably tricky one when it comes to creating energy savings. Navigating customer engagement, new technology, communication with renters and decision makers can be challenging, but utility programs can help. With the right partner, realizing energy savings in tenant spaces can be easier than in seems.

Here are 10 of the top ways to cut energy use in individual apartment units.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Solar in Multifamily Buildings

Solar projects are often met with excitement, but often accompanied by hefty project requirements. Sometimes they are plagued by a lack of funding or staff to complete predevelopment work. So, how do you make sure you set your project up for success? Paying attention to the following considerations can significantly streamline a project’s implementation.

7 Best Practices for the Energy-Efficient and Solar-Resourced Multifamily Building

A project that integrates energy efficiency and solar resources has many moving parts. It’s not something you want to underestimate in terms of complexity. Here are seven key points that should be on any multifamily program administrator’s checklist to ensure a smooth trajectory from predevelopment to maintenance.

Why Attend Conferences?

The key to being innovative is keeping up with the latest news and trends. In today’s world, this is often accomplished by reading news sources and skimming websites; however, this type of information tends to be limited. The real value comes from speaking with others in the industry and hearing their personal anecdotes and advice. Yes, I’m talking about attending conferences. Whether attending as a listener or a presenter, there are a multitude of benefits, including learning about new areas of expertise, hearing issues firsthand from clients, and networking with other industry professionals.

Common Area Lighting Solutions: One Big Happy Multifamily

Tenant satisfaction is largely the motivator for multifamily property owners to participate in our programs. Free energy-saving products keep tenants happy…happy tenants keep renting. And since participation is at no cost, it’s business benefits property owners can bank on – nothing to lose, plenty to gain.


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