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Four Steps to Steam-Related Savings

We talk about savings all the time. In fact, saving both energy and money is a huge part of the energy efficiency industry. This includes the usual suspects: smart thermostats, LED bulbs, new appliances, etc. But one area that is often neglected in terms of savings is natural gas and steam systems. They often use a large amount of energy, but where do customers see savings? Are there any? The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, through optimization of a steam system, energy savings can range from 5%-15%, which equals out to an average annual fuel savings of more than $100,000 per facility. Following the four steps below is the recipe to success when it comes to targeting and optimizing steam systems.

Overcoming Challenges to Increase Participation: iDSM Style

Integrated demand side management (iDSM) offers many benefits to utilities and consumers. However, it does present a few challenges as well, and utilities must meet these head-on to provide their customers with the utmost peace of mind to gain their trust and participation in these programs. To learn more about these challenges and how to meet them head-on, download our free iDSM ebook.

Online and On Your Customer's Terms

The course of most customer journeys starts online, whether it’s researching spring plaid fashions on your laptop or hopping on your phone to order a latte at your neighborhood coffee shop. The point is, it’s about time optimization and ease of use. Everyone has places to go, people to see and things to do and somehow, we need to fit energy efficiency effortlessly into busy lives.

Making the Smart Choice with your Smart Thermostat

Click on the infographic below to download the PDF.

Outreach: Know Where to Go for Program Growth

If general marketing generates program awareness and sprouts possible leads, it is outreach that actually nurtures engagement and helps move eligible customers along the customer journey.


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