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Don’t Be Intimidated by B2B Marketing

Poring over (or skimming) hundreds of emails, looming deadlines, back-to-back meetings, and chatty Kathy or Larry hovering over your cube wall…there’s only so much time in a day and too many distractions one person can take.

Phone Consultations Don’t Have to Be a Nightmare

Contact centers are supposed to back your services. To support customers at an instant whether via text, calls or emails. This is the whole point - To be there. To answer questions. To help customers order a product or sign up for your program.

So why do they have such a nightmare reputation? Because, many were a nightmare to deal with in the past – a time suck that led to dead ends, a cold voice on the other end, or endless prompts. (Please hold, while we shake our heads.)  

Debunking Small Businesses as a ‘Difficult’ Market

The small business market seems predestined with its “hard to reach” typecast slapped across every storefront. Dare we even say it’s too difficult to bother targeting? Yet as the saying goes, sometimes what seems like hard work is worth the effort.

Five Keys to an Effective Energy Assessment Report

Our firm completes tens of thousands of energy assessments each year.  The objective and design of the report is to prompt customers to install recommended energy efficiency measures. The end goal being to achieve savings that help the customer, yet also meet our clients’ desired results. 

Hardest of the Hard-To-Reach Markets

The hard-to-crack markets: small businesses and small multifamily. You see them unassumingly saddled on the street corner, the mom-and-pop store next to the chain giant, the suburban four-to-eight unit apartment building, or the row of boutiques lining your main downtown block.


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