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What Your Customers Should Know About Free Home Utility Reports

Are your customers holding back on participating in home utility reporting? One of the biggest barriers to engagement is misunderstanding, so be sure you're all on the same page. Your customers probably have a laundry list of questions, but they don't know where to begin. Be prepared for any and every question they might have, starting with the basics. 

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Download our free Home Utility Report infographic to discover all the frequently asked questions a customer might ask about HUR's, how they work, and the impact they make. Struggling with residential engagement in other areas, too? Schedule a meeting with us to discuss the unique solutions we've got in store to meet your unique needs!

Download the Infographic

Rory Jones
Written by Rory Jones

Senior Vice President
Rory Jones is an experienced leader in the technology sector, as proven by his vast contributions to the industry through various roles in both Europe and the United States. Rory has spoken at numerous events, serving as a thought leader on clean technology, markets, and finance. He is a published author and sits on various boards, including the Association for Strategic Planning. Rory has a Bachelor of Science in engineering from the City University in London, UK and an MBA from the University of Chicago.


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