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Your New Website is Closer Than You Think

Website redesigns are tough. They’re stressful, they require lots of energy and resources, they take a lot of time, and they’re pricey. In fact, the average small to medium-sized business website costs anywhere from $15,000 to $80,000.

So rather than bite the bullet and go for a redesign, websites sit untouched in some dusty old corner, making customers’ lives miserable and turning away potential opportunities. Even once they’ve been re-done, trends move so quickly and technology innovates at a pace that’s hard to match. Before you know it, the site you just poured thousands of dollars into is once again out of date.

There’s got to be a better way.

Growth Driven Design-FINAL

Growth-driven design, or GDD, is an approach that’s turning traditional web design on its head. It eliminates the guesswork that goes into optimizing a website and leverages data to deliver better results. It’s a quicker, cheaper, and less risky way to create a website that’s genuinely customer-focused – and it’s constantly improving to optimize engagement.

Let us help build your new website!

Instead of starting completely from scratch on a new website, your designers evaluate your current website and then quickly create a “launch pad” site based on what needs immediate improvement. As your customers interact with this imperfect, “quick and dirty” starting point, you begin to collect data right away about what’s working and what needs further changes.

Based on what you learn, your designers then create an improved version of the site – which goes live and starts to harvest user data ready for the next round of upgrades. And the cycle of improvement continues.

Your customers will notice the difference, too, because they’ll appreciate a website optimized for them, not for the hunch of web designers who think they know what users want. Leveraging real data produces results every time. Guaranteed.

So why wait? Your website isn’t getting any younger. To learn more about growth-driven design and begin implementing it on your own website, download our free ebook, A Website’s Work is Never Done.

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Meghann Goddard
Written by Meghann Goddard

Marketing Specialist
Whether behind the scenes or face-to-face, Meghann Goddard is an asset to the marketing department's team of digital experts. She works closely with clients and program staff to research, develop, launch and manage marketing plans for a variety of program type. An internal expert in growth-driven website design, Meghann also develops market-facing materials, creates tests and tracks their results to ensure they meet requirements and continuous improvement goals. She holds a master's degree in communications from Queens University of Charlotte and various digital marketing certifications.


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