Top 5 Reasons Your Program Design Needs to Include Networked Lighting Controls

October 16, 2017 Kyle Kichura

Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) are being called the second lighting revolution, transforming the luminary industry with internet-connected smart devices that have features and benefits we haven’t yet seen. They can be compared to smart thermostats, offering users more hands-on control and allowing them to leverage new savings. Incorporating NLC into your utility-program offerings is definitely a bright idea, and here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Major Program-Design Hurdles Tackled

A common objection to NLC is that there are still uncertainties about how to incorporate an offering. DesignLights Consortium’s™ NLC Program takes that challenge head-on with an out-of-the-box model: Utilities’ stakeholders are given a Qualified Products List, a savings-estimator tool, a proposed incentive structure, and technology training materials. They have recently published a report showing the NLC projects’ savings for future Technical Reference Manuals.

  1. Here’s What You Can Save on Energy

According to a General Services Administration Green Proving Ground study in 2015, you can save as much as 78% when paired with an LED upgrade. Yes, 78%. Mic drop, anyone?

  1. Data Is an Amazing Tool

We all know there is no better energy savings than being turned off altogether, and simple controls have always helped us take full advantage—but what if they could do more? What if that simple control could report that it’s turned off and then track energy trends? From that data, customers and utilities could better understand usage, know where those high-energy-usage spots are, change behavior, and maybe even create pay-for-performance incentive models.     

  1. Non-Energy Benefits (NEBs) Are Key

NEBs are what make NLC unique; in fact, projects are being sold based on the NEBs more than the energy savings. What if a lighting system could tell a customer more about a building’s space and assets and how they’re being used? For example, the system could track a healthcare facility and guide a nurse to the nearest ventilator. Or the system could set up an emergency-lighting testing schedule that can automatically be performed off-hours, saving on disruptions and maintenance labor. Or the system hones in on customers walking through a clothing store, helps them find shirts and pushes complementary merchandise such as ties or jewelry to their smart devices for a potential upsell. Is your program capturing these NEBs?

  1. Maximize the Investment

Customers are making the decision to upgrade to LEDs daily—but are they taking full advantage of the technology? Upgrading to LED could keep the equipment in place for a decade or longer, and the energy/information opportunity cost of not having NLC could be significant. Help them maximize their LED investment and encourage NLC.

From energy savings to data provision to non-energy benefits, networked lighting controls are being seen as an all-around win. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to lighting; let Franklin Energy make your programs shine with NLC options.

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What You Missed At Our C&I Summit

October 02, 2017 Fred Dreher & Ed McGlynn

Our C&I Summit has drawn to a close, but it certainly left a lasting impression on those who attended. From the contacts made to national-level networking and expert tips shared from all corners of the industry, the C&I Summit was an excellent experience for all who joined. Weren’t able to make it? Here are some of the highlights.

We gathered speakers from across the industry to share their insights and pass along knowledge and viewpoints of the C&I market for today and the future. With speakers from organizations like ACEEE, ESource, GTI, and DoE, along with utilities like ComEd, Xcel Energy, DTE Energy and more, no stone was left unturned when it came to exploring all corners of the C&I market.

ci summit presenter use 1.pngci summit presenter use 2.png

ci presenter summit.pngci summit amy presenter image.png

With such a diverse group coming from all over the country, the networking opportunities were abundant. Attendees had a chance to meet with their peers and industry leaders, exchanging ideas and information.

And with a crowd like that, how could attendees not have a good time? Having fun is something we do well at Franklin Energy, and we wanted to share that with Summit attendees! Our reception (featuring our very own musical duo, FrEd) and dinner cruise were events to be topped.

ci summit presenter use 555.pngci summit presenter use 3.png

ci presentation dinner.pngci city summit image.png

If you missed out on our C&I Summit, don’t worry. The presentations are available for you to dig into the information shared at the event.