Address Your Stress

June 3, 2019 Phil Price

When you’re busy or stressed, it doesn’t take much to become upset. This could be caused by something major, like a work request you’re not able to complete, or something small, like a clicking sound across the room that won’t stop. It could even be caused by something traditionally considered a safety measure, like the alarm sounding in your car when you put your key in the ignition. Stressors like these can create a real dent in the daily dirigible of deliverance.

Exercise physiologists have shown that even tiny stressors, like ill-fitting pants or one squeaky shoe, can decrease our performance. We each have a limit in our tolerance and awareness of stressors, and small ones can affect us by chipping away at our sanity. Whenever we’re on the job, we have a task to perform, and we are able to do it better with less stress. The little things can add up: a rattle in the air conditioner, a buzzing old light, and so on. The list is endlessly long. Attending to each issue on that list of stressors can increase harmony and boost performance. The bottom line is this: don’t allow stressors to go unattended. Address them promptly, and it will only benefit you.

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