Brady Loomis

Marketing Specialist
Although “creative” isn’t in Brady Loomis’ job title, it doesn’t stop her from providing out-of-the-box digital solutions to produce results. She supports all of Franklin Energy’s program marketing clients with social media and digital advertising support and ensures continuous improvement by setting up tests and analyzing results. She also provides support for our clients’ residential programs in the way of marketing campaigns, material and program applications. Brady holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and journalism with an emphasis in strategic communications, plus a certificate in entrepreneurship, from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also holds various digital marketing certifications and is an active member of the Social Media Examiner Society.
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Get #Social

Do you have a Facebook page? Are you on Instagram? Use hashtags? What’s your Twitter handle? Sounds like a foreign language. But, you still want to be social. You add a profile photo and quick “about” section to each platform, simply to exist for your customers, to have a presence, a seat at the social media table. It’s better than nothing, right?

5 Ways to Transform Brand Negativity into Delight on Social Media

Social media is a double-edged sword: It gives utility and DSM program brands a great deal more visibility and credibility, but that visibility can turn against us if it becomes negative. Twitter is a case in point. When irate customers tweet their complaints about a brand, damage control is essential. To cope with the trend toward disapproving tweets, Twitter recently rolled out a direct message button that business can embed on their websites to circumvent more public displays of disaffection.

It would be nice if all complaints lodged at businesses didn’t have to be aired so openly, but that’s the unique power of social media—its ability to be a transparent mechanism for both praise and provocation. You can’t stop negative comments, but you can manage them with integrity—and empathy. 

Here’s how to take control of the situation and transform criticism into kudos.


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