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Kristi Longballa

Marketing Manager
Kristi Longballa sets a high bar for herself and all those around her, and it is evident through the consistent quality of all she touches. As Marketing Manager, Longballa creates marketing strategies for customized client-focused efficiency education programs. She also facilitates creative staff needs and is always improving design processes. Longballa holds a bachelor of arts in journalism with an emphasis in advertising and public relations from the University of Nevada-Reno.
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Recent Posts

The Benefits of Energy Efficiency Education

Why should your utility care about providing energy efficiency education in local schools? Here are just a few of the reasons to explore these impactful programs.

Rules of Engagement

Customer Engagement is not a new concept, but as of late, it has been a hot topic in every industry. The constant conversation that exists between companies and customers is becoming more and more important – and accessible – than ever. In order to keep that conversation going, brands have to listen to what consumers want. On the flip side, those same consumers have to feel compelled enough to participate in that same conversation. As you can see, this new wave of engagement requires some extra effort from both parties, but what can companies do to encourage that kind of participation from their target audience?

Winning with Energy Efficiency Education Programs

Surely, a working energy efficiency education program relies on the numbers: data, reporting, cost effectiveness, forecasting. A winning formula based on proven math, right? The answer may surprise you.


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