Sarah Speck

Energy Engineer II, Team Lead
Sarah Speck wears a lot of hats, from consulting with customers to designing business programs. Going beyond that, she ensures those programs stay up to speed with the latest regulations and standards changes. Not only does Sarah make sure the programs are current, she also trains internal staff to ensure our experts stay on the cutting edge of the industry, especially when it comes to commercial refrigeration. Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and mechanical engineering from Marquette University.
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Capture Energy Savings with the Updated Department of Energy Commercial Refrigeration Standards

Have you heard the saying “change is the only constant?” That rings true on many fronts – even in the energy efficiency industry. With continuous improvements being made and new inventions coming along, it can be challenging to keep up. One of the latest changes seen is to the new energy efficiency standards for commercial refrigeration equipment, issued by the Department of Energy earlier this year.  What are these new standards, and how do they affect utility programs?


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