Digital Engagement is Critical During This Time

April 6, 2020 Steve Malloy

Staying hands off in today’s touchless world can be difficult. Especially when you rely on in-person interaction with your customers to reach goals and achieve savings. 

As more people are working from home and doing so much online, digital customer engagement is the way to go.  

Imagine if participating in your programs was as easy for your customers as finding something interesting to stream on television (and if you’re anything like my household, you’ve been streaming a lot of shows lately – Survivor reruns anyone?). During this time of staying home and living online, reaching your customers isn't as impossible as it might sound. Here's how our NGAGE technology suite can help.

  • NGAGE Customer Engagement – Make every interaction count with an online platform that is dynamically personalized to each customer, with relevant offerings based on their unique journey and preferences. It’s a great way to take your website up a notch, while stitching together the customer journey in a personalized way. 
  • NGAGE Utility Reports – Entice customers to make energy-saving behavioral changes with personalized insights into their actual energy usage and tailored recommendations to help them saveCross-promote enrollment in other hands-off programs like DR, kits and marketplace. 
  • NGAGE Online Audit – Collect information you can use now and later. Our online audit tool syncs with our field audit tool, so not only will your customers get personalized recommendations based on their actual home, your energy auditors will have all that information when life returns to normal and field-based audits are back up and running, saving precious time. 
  • NGAGE Marketplace – Meet your customers where they are, offering online shopping for energy-saving and smart devices, with fast, free shipping and instant rebates.  
  • NGAGE Messaging – Speak to your customers as individuals with crisp messaging when, where and how they want it. Leverage our centralized contact center, online chat capabilities and deep bench of energy experts to provide innovative on-demand support. 

By spending so much time at home, your customers have undoubtedly increased their energy usage. They'll be thankful for ways to lower their bills, and you'll establish your utility as more than just a bill collector. Our experts are nimble and responsive, and we're here to help you build a deeper relationship with your customers. We welcome the idea of working with you to deepen your customer engagement - digitally - in today's touchless world.

Let us show you how NGAGE can work for you. 


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