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It's Time to Implement Touch-Free Programs

Many of us are slowly getting used to our ‘new normal.’ It's certainly different than the routines we have relied upon for years, and it's taken a bit of adjustment, which can sometimes be unpleasant. For your customers, that adjustment may include loss of income, kids taking classes online or finally having more time to complete projects around the house. Maybe all the above.

As a utility, you’re a trusted brand and customers are looking to you to help guide them through this uncertain time. They're living at home, which means increased energy and water usage—and increased bills. Here are some ways we can help you remain relevant in their lives, while empowering them to reduce bills and achieve energy and demand savings in a “low-touch” way.

  • Virtual Energy Audits: Instant scheduling allows phone audits with professional schedule-a-demo-for-virtual-energy-auditenergy auditors while digital forms, online chat and video conference tools provide an on-demand virtual assessment option. It’s a great substitute for paused in-person audit programs in residential or commercial sectors, with the team you already trust.
  • Kits: Whether in support of a virtual energy audit enhanced with a kit, or as a standalone, drive immediate energy savings with utility-branded kits, shipped directly to your customers’ doorsteps. We have product available, more on the way, and have been deemed an essential business. Kits are a great substitute for paused direct install programs in residential, multifamily or small commercial sectors.
  • Student Housing & School Retrofit Projects: When class is in session, it is nearly impossible to complete energy efficiency projects. Now is the time to address HVAC, lighting and other projects that your customers wouldn’t otherwise have the time or ability to tackle. Now may be the time to consider additional rebates and incentives.
  • Telecommunication Optimization: With customers spending all their time at home, and more time than ever online, bandwidth usage has increased dramatically. By optimizing the telecommunications systems used to reach residential neighborhoods, we can provide communities needed enhancements, while achieving energy savings and reducing costs for providers.

These are only four of the many options we have available for your utility to achieve savings and deepen your relationship with your customers in a touch-free world. A temporary stoppage of face-to-face energy audits and interactions doesn't mean your utility should go silent; it means the opposite. Be there for your customers when they need you most, by providing savings and deepening your relationship. Forward-thinking utilities are becoming their communities' go-to resources by providing new opportunities for savings during this time. 

It's time for your utility to step in and support your customers—while achieving energy savings. To learn more, schedule a meeting and we'll reach out to continue the conversation.


Kevin McDonough
Written by Kevin McDonough

Calling Kevin McDonough a driving force behind our evolution to grid optimization and Franklin Energy’s digital marketing transformation would be a massive understatement. He leads a team that helps hundreds of thousands of end-use customers save energy each year by leveraging his expertise in energy efficiency and demand response program design, while keeping an eye firmly on the future. All his endeavors are united by the common objective of helping clients reach their goals and helping preserve our world’s precious resources. In addition to his extensive executive experience within the industry, Kevin holds an MBA in operations from Boston College, is certified in Six Sigma quality program implementation and technology deployment and speaks three languages fluently.


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