Smart Home for the Holidays

December 23, 2019 Meghann Goddard

In a day and age where almost anything can be managed from our smart phones, it’s no surprise that our homes are now among the list. Comfort and convenience are key, and that’s why smart home apps have become increasingly popular. They allow users to remotely manage an array of connected devices such as thermostats, smart speakers, smart light bulbs, video doorbells and more!

Managing connected home devices while on the go allows users to take control over their energy bills and live more at ease. But beyond being energy efficient, users enjoy being able to manage their homes while they’re gone. This is especially true during the holiday season when so many people are taking extended trips to visit family and friends. Smart technology alleviates away-from-home anxiety in many ways, such as turning lights on and off automatically to give the appearance that the family is home. Video doorbells allow homeowners to track who’s arriving at their home while they’re gone, and smart thermostats ensure the home stays at the optimum temperature setting.

Safety and peace of mind are important, but smart technology provides even more: convenience. During the holidays, users can turn on Christmas tree lights with a smart plug like the one from Simply Conserve™—or better yet, use their smart plug to set lights on an automatic timer—and watch their tree effortlessly light up each morning when they wake up to start their day. Holiday cheer has never been easier!

Smart home technology is more than a new trend. It’s here to stay. With security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency, it improves quality of life without ever interrupting a busy schedule. Whether it’s turzning up a thermostat and turning on Christmas lights before arriving home or monitoring energy usage while away, smart homes are ideal for the holidays and every day.

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