Announcing Our 2022 Sustainability Report and Impact Review

June 13, 2022 Bridgid Lutz

Our purpose at Franklin Energy is to boldly change our energy future, and as you’ll see from this year’s Sustainability Report, that is exactly what we’re doing. But you might ask, what does change look like?

Change looks like people.  In 2021, we served 3.2 million customers. That’s almost the population of Los Angeles.

Change looks like jobs. Our work created over 3,500 jobs in local economies in 2021. That’s roughly the same size as the entire Build-a-Bear corporation.

Change looks like water. Our work in 2021 will result in 48 billion gallons of water saved. That’s the equivalent of almost 73,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Change looks like energy. Over the lifetime of the energy-efficient measures we installed in 2021, enough energy will be saved to power over 170,000 homes and 144,000 cars each year.

Change looks like forests. The 1.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide saved by our work in 2021 is the equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 1.9 million acres of U.S. forests in one year.

Download the 2022 Sustainability Report Download the 2022 Community Impact Report


That’s a lot of change. And, Franklin Energy has always been a company made of doers, which means we aren’t anywhere close to finished. We won’t stop until our collective energy future is secured. So, you now ask, how do we do that?

We start by ensuring both physical and cyber safety, health, and security, because nothing else matters if our people and our customers aren’t safe. We voluntarily operate under a strict occupational health and safety management program, and we take extreme precautions to ensure that every customer’s data is secure.

diversity-awardNext, we champion our people. One of our core values is inclusivity, which means we prioritize diversity, inclusion, and belonging in our business operations. To do this effectively, we provide ongoing training and education to our people. We emphasize workforce diversity and engagement, and we even offer a supplier and partner development program. In fact, we were recently awarded the Prime Leadership Award by the Edison Electric Institute for our exemplary leadership in diverse supplier inclusion, outreach, and mentoring in their supply chain.

We enable the clean energy transition both through the work that we do for our clients and by adhering to our own rigorous internal standards. Externally, our work in 2021 will save 22 billion kWh for our utility partners’ customers. And within our own operations, we calculated our 2021 baseline carbon impact and set aggressive goals to manage our operational carbon output. To achieve these goals, we will continue consolidating facilities and offer work-from-home options to many of our employees. As we promote electrification across the country, we will also continue transitioning our fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles. Ultimately, we will be net-zero by 2025!

Finally, we build strong communities and local economies. We do this by making sure our partners share our vision and goalsreno-team-clean-up for environmental and social issues—and we’ll hold them to these standards through a supplier code of conduct. We’ll also give our own time by providing a full paid day for employees to use for community service.

These steps work together to build the foundation for the work that we do every day. Through our products and services, we deliver a brighter future where cities are electrified, energy and water are affordable for everyone, and career opportunities abound. Now that’s an energy future I look forward to.

Want to learn more about what change looks like at Franklin Energy? Download our full Sustainability Report here or take a look at the highlights with our Community Impact Review.

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