Veterans Day

November 11, 2019 Tina Semotan

The 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. It is a moment in time that has left a deep impact on some, while others may be wondering what it signifies. This is the exact time in 1918 that the conflicts of World War I finally ended, when the Armistice with Germany went into effect. Armistice Day, as it was originally known, was renamed Veterans Day in 1954. Since then, every November 11th has been officially observed as Veterans Day.

Veterans Day has always held a great deal of meaning for me, even before I wore the uniform. As a young child, I enjoyed watching the men and women in uniform at sporting events or in parades. There was always a look of quiet confidence on their faces. It was almost as if they understood the importance and the true meaning of life that most Americans were searching for. 

My dad served in the Army well before I was born, so I didn’t really experience any military impact as I grew up. It was just something that was inside of me—a feeling that came over me every time I saw the United States flag or someone in uniform. It was a feeling of needing—and wanting—to do something more for my country. It was my duty and something I knew I had to do. Such a small percentage of our population has served, but those that have understand this feeling. 

As I have grown older (and hopefully wiser), Veterans Day has continued to grow in importance to me. As I have seen and lived the sacrifices that so many military families experience, I have gained a deepened appreciation for all veterans. Veterans Day is meant to honor all those, dead or alive, who have served our country in times of war or peace. 

At Franklin Energy and AM Conservation Group, we are extremely proud of the veterans working within our organization. These men and women bring a unique skill set to our company. We value and appreciate the experience and diversity these individuals share every day from what they have gone through and learned within the military. In our efforts to drive inclusion deeper into our environment, we seek to emphasize the importance of employees who have served—or continue to serve—our country, while working alongside us to bring valuable insights that truly make us better.    

So today, on November 11th at 11:11 a.m., stop for one brief moment and make a special effort to thank an outstanding veteran in your life. Let them know their sacrifices are noticed and valued. Because without them, our world would be very different.

We are honored to have these individuals on our Franklin Energy and AM Conservation Group team. And, I would like to personally say thank you to each of them! 

Jeffery Abbondanza, Field Technician

Caleb Ashby, Energy Advisor I

Robert Barber, Kitter

Richard Barnard, Director of Technical Standards

Michael Bass, Energy Specialist

Jay Boettcher, Senior Regional Director

Joshua Boylan, Energy Specialist

Isaiah Bryant, Field Supervisor

Jeffrey Burt, Energy Advisor II

Charles Canady, Field Supervisor

Tesa Carey, Program Administrator

James Cathey, Energy Specialist II

Michael Chapman, Systems Administrator

Ryan Coleman, Field Technician

Jamie Delk, Senior Brand Manager

Richard Fluharty, Energy Specialist II

Miguel Gonzales, Inventory Specialist

Mark Gray, Energy Advisor I

Donald Hastings, Field Technician

Edward Holland, Energy Advisor I

Dennis Howard, Field Supervisor

Yvette Johnson, Program Manager

Andrin Jones, Energy Specialist

Sarah Larkin, Customer Care Specialist I

Christopher Leonard, Energy Specialist

Yolanda Lewis, Project Coordinator

Justin Lincoln, Field Supervisor

Theresa Lingenfelter, Energy Auditor

Krist Matthew, Energy Advisor II

Jose Maycott, Field Manager

Michael Miller, Lead Developer

David Morales, QA Field Specialist

Jacob Naeb, Energy Advisor III

Rodrigo Novoa, Energy Specialist

Mahlon Parks, Field Technician

Michael Phillips, Direct Installer Scheduler

John Pinder, Lead Field Technician

Gordon Plourde, Energy Advisor II

Christopher Rosiak, Tech III

Jacob Rusby, Energy Specialist

Peter Schmal, Regional Safety Lead

Tina Semotan, Chief Administration Officer

Rodney Shelton, Senior Director of Business Development

Hayden Simkins, Outreach Lead

Robert Spencer, Energy Specialist

William Thomas, Field Manager

Robert Vehring, QA Field Specialist

Jacob Walker, Energy Advisor I

Bryan Weaver, Systems Administrator

Adrian White, Field Supervisor

Christopher Woodard, Field Technician

Stephen Wymer, Senior Manager of Engagement Services


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