Why Optimize Telecommunications?

July 17, 2019 Steve Hiersche

You’re at dinner with a friend, and neither of you can recall the name of the lead actor in a movie you want to see. So, you pull out your phone and punch the information into your search engine. You’re driving through an unfamiliar area to meet up with a colleague, but you can’t remember which turn to make, so you take out your phone and type the address in your maps app. You’re out of town for work, but you still need to say goodnight to your kids, so you take out your phone and video chat with them before bed.

Regardless of the situation, it is undeniable that cell phones have become a necessity for most Americans. They’re used in thousands of ways, millions of times a day, all across the country. The service that makes this possible, however, doesn’t just appear out of thin air.

It all starts with telecommunication services. They’re the ones whose infrastructure allows us toperson-on-cell-phone operate our cell phones with the ease and frequency upon which we’ve come to depend.

This market is still emerging and growing, which means telecommunication providers are experiencing a rapid infrastructure expansion. The challenge of keeping up with this demand has created a need to overhaul and expand existing and new data connection locations for telecommunication providers.

There are many factors that are driving the need for high-speed, high-density communications and data transfer. This includes the concept of smart homes, connected devices, online shopping and delivery, and the rising popularity of working remotely and attending online schools. In the future, this need will grow even greater with the introduction of autonomous vehicles and the increased applications for advanced artificial intelligence and telemedical systems.

woman-on-laptopDespite the wide variety of uses for the internet and connectivity, many rural Americans across the nation lack broadband access. Providers simply cannot keep up with the demand, and installing new infrastructure is an expensive endeavor. 

That’s where a telecommunication optimization program comes in. An experienced team of experts audits a telecommunication provider’s current equipment and makes energy efficiency-related recommendations to save the provider money on infrastructure costs while providing higher-quality services to an expanded customer base. With the right partner, implementing these programs involves minimal work on the provider’s side, and they are able to realize significant savings while being enabled to serve new customers as well.

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