Franklin Energy Receives Vega Awards, Recognized for Excellence Across Multiple Digital Marketing Categories

May 13, 2024 Danielle Marquis, Esq.

Franklin Energy, a leading provider of end-to-end energy management solutions, announced today that they have received multiple Vega Digital Awards, which celebrate content creators who push boundaries in an ever-evolving digital landscape, pioneering new frontiers of creativity and innovation.

“Our in-house marketing team is exceptionally talented and consistently achieves meaningful organizational impacts with their work,” said Daniellemarketing-assets Marquis, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions at Franklin Energy. “It’s an exciting time in the evolution of the clean energy industry, and it’s been fun to challenge the team to push the marketing envelope. The caliber of international competition in this set of awards is a testament to our team’s digital marketing prowess and creativity. I’m extremely proud.”

Franklin Energy is thrilled to announce its success in securing multiple Vega Awards, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

  • Advancing Transportation Electrification campaign
    • Platinum Winner - Best Copywriting, Digital Marketing for a New Category, Marketing Effectiveness, Integrated Campaign, and Branded Content
    • Gold Winner - Landing Page, Email Marketing, and Best Graphics/Elements
  • 2023 Sustainability Report
    • Platinum Winner - Best Copywriting, Branded Content, and Digital Marketing for Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Gold Winner - Landing Page, and Best Graphics/Elements

“The way we deliver marketing impacts our organization’s growth from the enterprise level down into each of our programs,” said Marisa Uchin, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Franklin Energy. “From marketing strategy to implementation to leveraging performance data, analytics and insights, having our talented marketing team tightly aligned with our overall growth strategy has helped expand adoption of our solutions portfolio and drive meaningful business and environmental impacts.”

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