Safety Is Our Top Priority

May 19, 2020 Tim Kaddatz

COVID-19 has affected us like nothing we’ve experienced in this lifetime. We’ve undergone social distancing, schools across the nation have closed, jobs have been lost, incomes affected, and so much more. As our nation takes steps to recover, it has become clear that we will be embracing a “new normal” in our daily lives.

Although many of our procedures have changed and adjusted, one thing that remains constant is our focus on safety. The safety of our employees, our utility clients and their customers remains our top priority. 

As energy providers, we know our clients' work is crucial for families and businesses who have been affected by COVID-19, and we’re ready to provide support in providing quality customer service at every turn. We continue to work closely with our clients, listening to their concerns and determining how to return to program work as soon as possible while ensuring safety and protection for everyone involved.

Our expedited Innovation Sprint timeline has allowed us to begin building new touch-free solutions for both now and into the future. User testing has proven the success of our new virtual audits, semi-custom kit recommendations and more. 

Schedule a demo to learn how our new virtual options are delighting customers!

In addition to customer-facing solutions, we have also begun building brand-new safety protocols for life in our “new normal.” Once our programs return to the field, we hope to provide clients with confidence in the restart process. By taking all reasonable steps to eliminate transmission risk, we aim to begin helping customers on both the virtual and physical front again as soon as possible.

Once back in the field, here’s a sampling of what our clients can expect from us:

  • When visiting homes or businesses, our teams will be wearing gloves, shoe coverings and face coverings while minimizing the handling of products and materials in each location.
  • Strict sanitary standards are in place for offices, warehouses and vehicles.
  • Employee temperatures are checked, and basic health questions are answered by employees before they start every shift.

As a company that always keeps safety top-of-mind, we're committed to following all CDC guidelines and appropriate recommendations to keep our employees, our clients and their customers healthy. Here's a bit more detail on what's changing:

Our clients asked for creativity in new touchless program offerings—and we listened. We gathered information through customer feedback, innovation workshops and sprints. Coupled with our refined safety practices, we have begun building several touchless tools to best meet utility customers’ needs. Because above all, we're looking at ways to make the future safer for everyone.

Visit our COVID-19 response web page to learn more about the touch-free program solutions you can implement now and in the future. We look forward to getting back to work, supporting our clients and propelling the industry into the future.


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