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Supporting Clients During COVID-19

I can't believe it's already May. The nation has been battling (and responding to) COVID-19 for months. Personally, we’ve had to alter our daily routines, our shopping habits, schooling and more. Professionally, we’ve had to furlough staff, develop new safety processes and procedures, and prepare for what our business will look like after a pandemic. Whew.

At Franklin Energy, we've had to rethink how we approach saving energy and implement programs. We've been forced to expedite technology advancements (which is something we are very excited about).

But, as an eternal optimist, I’m reminded that our greatest opportunities are often disguised as our biggest obstacles. We’ve experienced renewed creativity, gathering client input from Innovation Workshops and internal input from brainstorming sessions, while quickly converting those ideas to solutions in Innovation Sprints.

One of those creative opportunities recently came in the form of a collaboration with Entergy New Orleans. Our program team and the client were able to quickly work together with local community groups to develop a kit program to help residents save money while at home. The tie-in to a local community feeding program was something we could all feel good about, because it was truly our purpose in action: helping all people use our world's precious resources more efficiently.

entergy-videoEven though we've had to pause many programs, we are confident in the decisions to keep our staff and our clients as safe as possible. Remaining engaged with our experts, offering them virtual training opportunities during this time to sharpen their skills for when everyone can return to the field, and preserving their employment has been a top priority. We appreciate clients like Consumers Energy who have supported us in this endeavor.


I continue to be inspired by the work of both our employees and our clients and cannot wait to be working alongside you again soon. It hasn’t been an easy road, but through it all, we have continued to find the silver lining as we look toward the future—of both our company and the industry.

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Visit our COVID-19 response web page to learn more about the touch-free program solutions we can help you implement now and into the future.


Tina Semotan
Written by Tina Semotan

Senior Vice President
From the depths of corporate life to proudly serving our country, Tina Semotan is an innate leader. She oversees the corporate support teams within the company, including human resources, company strategy, legal, safety, training, payroll and organizational development. She also leads all post-merger and acquisition integration activities. Tina’s success can be credited to her ability to stay calm in high pressure situations, make sharp decisions, and listen fairly to each employee. She has developed and honed these skills as Force Support Squadron Commander for the Wisconsin Air National Guard. Tina holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and is certified at the master level for command and leadership by the University of the Air Force.


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