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Technology Advances for Innovative Agriculture Programs

Energy is a major business expense for agricultural producers. While U.S. farms have almost doubled their energy efficiency over the past 25 years, for most there are still big energy—and money—savings to be had. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) estimates that the potential energy savings in the agricultural sector could amount to $1 billion per year.

Engaging Wineries in Your Agriculture Programs

Wine making is an energy-intensive process. The California wine industry (which produces about 85% of US wine) consumes over 400 GWh of electricity annually, making it the second largest electricity-consuming food industry in California, after fruit and vegetable processing.

What Do You Know About Agriculture?

If you still think of big red barns and fields of cows when you hear the word “agriculture,” you’re in for a surprise. While dairy farming is still a major component, the agriculture sector now spreads far and wide to include indoor farming, wineries, cannabis, aquaculture and more. As technology improves and farmers become more innovative, the industry is ripe for energy savings.

The Buzz about Marijuana

Legalization of marijuana is happening at a rapid pace. In fact, it’s been called the fastest growing industry in the United States. Washington D.C. and 29 states now allow marijuana to be grown for medicinal or recreational use. Almost all these states are in the northeastern or western U.S., but legalization is spreading into the Midwest and South as well.

How the Rise in Indoor Agriculture Has Capitalized on Energy-Saving Technologies

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to be almost 10 billion, 80 percent of whom will live in cities. Because of industrial development and urbanization, the earth has lost one-third of its tillable land over the last 40 years and continues to  lose more every day. Feeding our human population is a growing challenge.


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