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25 Years of Franklin Energy

Twenty-five years of Franklin Energy. That went quickly! Times have certainly changed – just look at all the 90’s photos of our staff to see the differences! Beyond the acid wash jeans and windbreakers, we’ve seen a lot change in the industry, too. From basic energy efficiency programs to comprehensive grid optimization solutions, we’ve done a lot of growing over these last 25 years. 


Of course, none of our success would have been possible without all our energy experts and their passion for the industry. They go above and beyond every single day to make sure our clients are satisfied and their teammates are successful, and it’s something truly special about Franklin Energy. Browse our social media to find winners of our monthly FACE Award – these people are shining examples of why we’re able to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. 

We also hold a deep appreciation for all our clients and their continued support. We have enjoyed expanding our geographic presence from the Midwest to across the United States and even into Canada, and that would not have been possible without our clients and the partnerships we’ve built. They challenge us to grow and innovate, which helps improve our business. 

It’s fun to look back at our past and celebrate how far we’ve come, but it’s also important to look towards the future. With the rising popularity of the smart home, electric vehicles, indoor agriculture and more, there is a new need for grid optimization programs that break down utility silos and provide one-stop solutions. As technology has developed and matured, we have launched our NGAGE technology suite to better serve the utilities of the future, and we are excited to continue building new technology capabilities.  

As we grow, we’re also looking forward to welcoming a diverse generation of brand-new experts, eager to innovate and provide fresh perspectives. We’re always opening new career opportunities, and we are proud to support future generations through our annual scholarship. As we celebrate this milestone, we are grateful for our history and welcome the challenges of the future.  

Here’s to many more years to come! 

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Paul Schueller
Written by Paul Schueller

Chief Executive Officer
Paul Schueller, founder and CEO of Franklin Energy, is a passionate believer in the importance of sustainability and grid optimization. From his first post-college job at a utility to running two successful consulting firms, Paul has spent over three decades in the demand-side management industry. Since its inception in 1994, he has led Franklin Energy to focus on their utility clients’ needs for program delivery, customer engagement, and efficient grid and system operation. He also advocates for meetings clients’ needs with flexibility that utilizes a diverse workforce and creative culture. This has spurred consistent growth evident in the company’s current staff of over 1,300 people in over 60 offices across the United States and Canada.


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