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Paul Schueller

Chief Executive Officer
With over three decades in the demand side management industry and two successful consulting firms under his belt, Paul Schueller is an industry expert poised to leverage innovation and the Franklin Energy team to drive it forward. He leads the executive teams at Franklin Energy and Resource Action Programs to ensure sustainable growth and long-term success for our clients. Since founding Franklin Energy in 1994, he has grown the firm to more than 1,000 employees, along with diverse utility clients throughout the United States and into Canada. Paul contributes to numerous charitable foundations and scholarships for young professionals hoping to build a career in the industry. A mechanical engineer, Paul also holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
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Recent Posts

Welcome to the Party

There have been lots of new firms, mergers and acquisitions in our industry lately. To those organizations that have recently been talking about customer engagement and expanded service offerings: Welcome to the party! We’ve been wondering when you’d arrive.

25 Years of Franklin Energy

Twenty-five years of Franklin Energy. That went quickly! Times have certainly changed – just look at all the 90’s photos of our staff to see the differences! Beyond the acid wash jeans and windbreakers, we’ve seen a lot change in the industry, too. From basic energy efficiency programs to comprehensive grid optimization solutions, we’ve done a lot of growing over these last 25 years. 

Why Utilities Need to Disrupt Themselves

One of the biggest challenges facing utilities is how to move forward with next-gen, user-friendly tech that creates an atmosphere of transparency, engagement and maybe even an element of humor. How does a traditionally opaque and conservative industry develop deeper, more transparent customer relations?

Announcing Our Annual Experts of Tomorrow Scholarship

With new technology emerging all the time and innovations abounding at every turn, our industry is filled with change. This isn’t slowing down any time soon, but Franklin Energy stays at the forefront of grid optimization by continuously looking toward the future and what’s coming next. One of the ways we believe in effectively serving the utility of the future is by paving the way for our industry’s future leaders, which is why we are proud to announce our fifth annual Experts of Tomorrow scholarship.

Placing Emphasis on Education and Future Expertise

Franklin Energy takes pride in hiring and training our experts because these are the people that provide the value and expertise to our clients.  Along with hiring top quality employees, we need to nurture and develop our collective skills.  That includes professional development, industry training, e-learning and meeting one-on-one to discuss personal career goals. As we grow, we also have to look towards developing future talent in our industry.


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Recent Posts