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July 2, 2020 Eric Hatton

As cities and states throughout the country have begun to lift shelter-at-home orders, our teams have stood ready. In fact, our experts are safely and effectively delivering services as we speak—and we couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments. It’s been an unpredictable road, but we’ve prioritized traveling down it as safely and respectfully as possible for both our clients and their customers.

Watch this short video on our updated procedures to keep your customers and our experts as safe and healthy as possible:

Our recent in-field experiences have been positive and are on the rise; this in line with what we’ve found in our latest consumer pulse survey, where we uncovered the sentiment of various demographic segments across the country. For the most part, customers are eager to get “back to normal.” 

Read our latest Consumer Pulse Survey blog to learn more about what your customers want right now!

One of our utility clients in particular was eager to get services back online as soon as possible. For the past few weeks, our field operations for this client have been scheduled for an average of 4.5 appointments per day, compared to a normal 5 per day pre-COVID. They are also receiving organic, web-based bookings again after eight weeks of zero bookings. Halfway through the month, they were already booked until the end of June!

No matter the extent of program restarts, or the degree to which customers are comfortable with our team members in their homes or businesses, we are committed to creating the safest, most beneficial experience possible for everyone involved. We continue to monitor CDC guidelines and local orders to keep our safety processes and procedures up to date, and we look forward to restarting more programs in the coming months.

Our recent Innovation Sprints and Workshops have allowed us to create several brand-new prototypes currently in production, like an augmented reality product installation support software, virtual audits and more. So whether your customers are comfortable inviting an expert into their home/business or would prefer an online interaction—due to COVID-19 or simply personal preference—we’re ready to meet their needs.

We remain optimistic about the future of utility programs and look forward to continuing our discussions with clients as we launch new software and services and step back into the field.

Register for our next webinar on July 21 where we'll review the latest Consumer Sentiment Pulse survey in greater detail as well as dive into our latest Innovation Sprint to discuss our extensive Voice of the Customer (VoC) research, and our SMS and augmented reality (AR) video-based virtual auditing tool prototype.

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