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Danielle Marquis

Danielle Marquis is a true powerhouse in the world of demand side management marketing, leveraging her digital marketing skills and industry experience to drive program marketing innovation and reduce cost per acquisition for our clients. She leads corporate branding, digital marketing, marketing product development and marketing strategy for Franklin Energy, and that’s just the beginning. Danielle also serves as the vice chair of education on the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) board of directors and is a regular speaker at industry events. She has presented thought leadership sessions on sustainability branding, advanced market segmentation, data-driven marketing and brand positioning, to name a few. Danielle holds a law degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Law and various digital marketing certifications.
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Innovation Sprint Recap - June 2020

The first time I met Megan Nyquist was shortly after the Franklin Energy and AM Conservation Group merger about 3 years ago, when I’d travelled to Port Washington to meet the local marketing team. I remember talking with her about my team's digital marketing and how we were “super users” of CRM platform HubSpot. That was the first of many times she rolled her eyes at me, then she proceeded to school me on the finer elements of the digital transformation she was trying to make happen.

I thought she was fantastic and decided that day I wanted her on my team.

Several months later, that happened. I think everyone thought we’d claw each other’s eyes out, but we’ve instead become not just close teammates, but friends. She’s a bit like the little sister I never had. Megan knows her stuff. Plus, she has a tremendous work ethic and perhaps most importantly, a profound willingness to figure things out. Megan is routinely given challenging, nebulous projects no one else can figure out. They come back completed on time, completely sorted. And, it doesn’t hurt that she’s also fun to be around.

Innovating in a COVID-19 World

My husband and I went to college together; we’re familiar with “working together alone.” It was how he wrote his thesis on McCarthyism and I wrote mine on Post-Soviet Russia, two feet apart on a hand-me-down couch in a cramped upstairs apartment in a sketchy part of Schenectady, NY. Headphones firmly planted in ears.

But until COVID-19 hit, we never really worked from home together, except for the occasional snow day. And on those days, he was more likely working from the couch with Sports Center on in the background, while I toiled along like usual in my home office.

Innovation Sprint Recap - April 2020

Every sprint is a bit chaotic on day one. Anxiety runs high. You are, after all, pulling together a cross-functional team of strangers to solve a tough problem, and you're only giving them five days to do it. Most of the sprint team members will have never been through the process, some will think they can get away without doing the homework you assigned (hahahaha), others will dig in their heels about replacing the existing baseline solution because it's their baby.

Your "decider" may email and call you twice that day and once the next morning to ask variations of, "Are you sure this is going OK, Danielle? Because it's OK if it's not. Just tell me! I'll help you fix it."

Four days later, you'll all be friends and you'll have a fully functional, user-tested prototype of something completely new. But it's hard to imagine on day one.

Innovation Workshop Recap - April 2020

When we first started planning our client and prospective client-focused Innovation Workshops last year, the plan was to host them in locations tied to the workshop theme. It was a great idea—we could spend a day collaborating and then follow it up with a day of getting outside and enjoying the city. As we planned, I was looking out my snowy office window and dreaming of Miami and Nashville and New Orleans.

And then the bottom fell out.

Innovation Sprint Recap - December 2019

Did I think the most professionally fulfilling week of my life would be after being locked away in a too-small conference room with just a sliver of a window in the middle of a cold snap in December? No. Was it? Yes.


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