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Kevin Lauckner

Vice President of Business Development
Kevin Lauckner has more than just business knowledge. His inherent knack for business development is what allows him to effectively lead our business development team and connect with clients. He understands their challenges, distinguishes what sets them apart from other utilities and produces solutions to those unique challenges. Kevin uses his demand side management tenure in both the United States and Canada, along with his insight, to develop critical strategies that will obtain new utility clients and expand services for current clients. He leverages existing regulatory, utility and industry partner contracts across the United States and into Canada to create new business opportunities. Kevin holds a MBA from the University of Scranton.
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Recent Posts

Putting a Price on Carbon in Canada

One of the keystones of Canada’s climate change initiatives is carbon pricing. According to the World Bank, this economically based method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is used by dozens of countries and is increasingly supported by the private sector.

Ask and You Shall Receive: Getting an International Perspective on Energy

This article originally appeared in the June 2018 issue of AESP Strategies, the official publication for members of the Association of Energy Services Professionals. To learn more, visit https://www.aesp.org/

Food for Thought: Making the Case for an iDSM Sandwich

A few years ago on a weekend scouting adventure, we had a morning cook-off. Knowing the audience was chiefly tween boys, my son and I conducted rigorous scientific analysis and determined that donuts, eggs, bacon, and cheese could be a strong combination; these ingredients are great on their own, but they’re wickedly delicious together. As we were driving out on Friday night, we stopped to pick up a couple dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, eggs to match, a few pounds of cheese, and lots of bacon. When the time came to prepare our grand breakfast, we sliced the donuts in half, grilled them up, and inserted a proper over-easy egg, some crispy bacon, and a slice of cheese. Wow, it was delicious – and a winner!  

A History of Energy Efficiency Thermostats: The Good. The Bad. The Smart.

Thermostats own their place in history, especially in the realm of energy efficiency. We recognize four distinct tiers within the thermostat’s evolution: Tier 1 non-programmable, Tier 2 programmable, Tier 3 connected, and Tier 4 smart.


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Recent Posts