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Liz Mckinley

Liz Mckinley leverages her unique blend of tactical and creative skills to provide a consistent level of excellence in all she does. She is responsible for designing, editing, and publishing marketing collateral for utility companies and planning and implementing yearly marketing strategies for each utility she serves. Liz also works with a variety of teams and local non-profit organizations to ensure annual marketing plans are executed accurately and according to budget. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Marian University.
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The Whole Enchilada

FREE CFL’s! Scratch that. FREE LED’s! Scratch that. FREE...smart thermostats? Etc., etc., etc. Engage the customer with enticing free energy efficiency products, reminding them that they will SAVE ENERGY and SAVE MONEY. Boom. Your job is done, right? Enter smart grid optimization. Enter a new world where customers are becoming part of the process, not just as benefactors but rather engaged decision makers. 

How to Build a Strong, Engaged Trade Ally Network

Trade allies can have a profound impact on a utility. Not only do they help you improve your cost effectiveness and customer service, but depending on how well they perform, they can make or break your brand. 

That’s why it’s important to give serious thought to structuring or refining your trade ally network. E Source, which has been conducting trade utility ally network research for almost a decade, has developed five key factors for evaluating your own trade allies.


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