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Transforming Distributed Energy Resources into Grid Assets

Distributed energy resources are undoubtedly in a position to revolutionize the electric energy industry. That means utilities need to adapt in order to leverage the opportunity emerging. But the key is knowing how to prepare for DER adoption before it takes over.

How Demand Response Benefits Both Utilities and End-Use Customers

Demand response programs can be valuable to both utilities and to customers alike, especially as their potential continues to expand as the grid is modernized. When deployed strategically, demand response programs can help consumers by reducing or maintaining rates and ensuring more reliable service. Additionally, demand response programs can provide incentives to help offset the costs of adopting smart home technology or building-management system upgrades that may not have been considered otherwise. Finally, demand response programs can act as a catalyst for consumer energy awareness and engagement. They create additional opportunities for utilities to educate and communicate with customers on the benefits of program participation and to glean insights that may help them receive additional incentives in the future.

How Electric Vehicles are Driving Utilities to New Opportunities

Electricity is becoming the fuel of choice for mobility, launching electric vehicles (EV) into mainstream society at full velocity. And while EVs may not have yet reached widespread adoption in the United States today, Rocky Mountain Institute predicts sales of electric vehicles could account for one-fifth of new car sales globally by 2025. 

There's No Stopping This Growth Train: Building Efficiency

Put on your sunglasses because the future is bright. For the advanced energy industry, that is. According to a recent Advanced Energy Now Market Report, the industry generated $238 billion in revenue in 2018—an 11% increase over 2017. That’s a lot of dough.

Smart Home for the Holidays

In a day and age where almost anything can be managed from our smart phones, it’s no surprise that our homes are now among the list. Comfort and convenience are key, and that’s why smart home apps have become increasingly popular. They allow users to remotely manage an array of connected devices such as thermostats, smart speakers, smart light bulbs, video doorbells and more!


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