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Welcome to the Party

There have been lots of new firms, mergers and acquisitions in our industry lately. To those organizations that have recently been talking about customer engagement and expanded service offerings: Welcome to the party! We’ve been wondering when you’d arrive.

Shades of Green: A Diversity Forum

In early October, I attended the 2nd annual Shades of Green Forum in Philadelphia. This unique forum brings together a diverse group of industry professionals including utilities, energy consultants, energy professionals of color, and leaders of minority-owned businesses as well as other stakeholders.

Hidden Effects of the Digital Revolution

The development and advancement of digital technologies has seen explosive growth. The digital revolution, which refers to the advancement of technology from analog electronic and mechanical devices to the digital technology we see today, allows us to tap into the power of information in unprecedented ways. Thanks to technological innovation, we can do previously unimaginable things.

Sustainable Leadership

To support sustainability, we ourselves need to be sustainable. Not only in terms of environmental advocacy, but also by means of ensuring we have capable leaders to carry on our mission. At Franklin Energy, we believe in what we do – we are saving our world’s precious resources and helping our neighbors every day. Key to realizing this mission is developing a sustainable leadership practice that creates bench strength balanced with external team members coming into the fold with new and varied perspectives.

How to Bring Energy Efficiency to Remote Rural Communities

The sheer distances involved in reaching remote rural and small-town communities make their energy needs unique, which creates special challenges for utilities in less urban areas.


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