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Customer Journey Mapping Series: The Marketing Technique 34% of Utilities Are Using to Improve Customer Experience

Utility customers, like consumers in every sector, are constantly bombarded with offers and information. Understandably, they won’t participate unless the messaging resonates, and their experience is smooth and easy. That’s why it’s vital that programs and marketing plans are carefully designed to be relevant and friction-free for the customer, with no hiccups or sticking points that could shut down engagement.

A New Type of Demand Response Program for Your Commercial Customers

Imagine if simple programming changes to your commercial and industrial (C&I) customers’ HVAC systems could reduce their summertime on-peak energy demand by an average of 21 percent.

How Can Social Media Improve Your Utility Website's SEO?

Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide. Instagram has about 700 million members. And Twitter averages 300 million active users a month.

Social media has become a marketing superpower in its own right, with capabilities far beyond posting pictures of your lunch or letting everyone know how you spent your weekend. For instance, social media can be an important tool in helping drive potential and existing customers to your utility’s website. But the key is figuring out the best ways to attract their attention and draw them in.

Lessons from the Great Lakes

In a race to achieve the highest reductions of energy consumption, everyone wins. In the United States, Michigan is poised to be a frontrunner in that race. Their demand response initiatives designed to reduce energy consumption in homes and businesses are set up to thrive in the upcoming years. So, just like runners look to their role models and fellow competitors for tips and tricks, what can we learn from Michigan’s efficiency success?

Canadian Conservation Through Demand-Side Management

In Canada, climate change is more than buzzword. Learning how to adapt to a harsh and varied climate has spurred the nation to pay close attention to climate change issues. So it’s no surprise that the country has been a committed participant in recent global initiatives designed to keep climate change from further reducing the finite amount of energy available for our collective use—and creating new, renewable sources of energy for the future.


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